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Crappy Weekend

I had a really crappy weekend. I worked all day Saturday on the house, especially the living room, and I got nothing at all done. I managed to get the old nails pulled out of the ceiling joists for only

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Goodbye Pumpkin House

Turned in the keys to my old house Thursday. Got a quote this morning on installing a washer hookup in my new house. Oh boy. I’m gonna be saving my pennies, because this is going to cost a lot.

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executing gay people

I’ve pointed out to my family members, at various times, that there are people who want to kill me, and that these people have connections to the Republicans they keep putting into office, but I don’t think they’ve ever taken

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Phone service at new house

So after Ameritech finally got my phone service turned on at my new address, they shut it off at my old one… when they weren’t supposed to until the end of the month. So I called and yelled at them.

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Utilities turned on

On Saturday, the phone guy and the cable guy redid the lines to my new house. The cable’s working fine, but the phone still needs to be worked on–apparently at the central office. But I cleaned out the shed at

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