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The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater

Link: The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater via Northwest Edible Life. I know you. We have a lot in common. You have been doing some reading and now you are pretty sure everything in the grocery store and your

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links for 2008-03-06

Putting Your Kitchen on a Diet – New York Times Blog “If you walked into a new restaurant and saw a messy, disorganized kitchen and dining area, you’d turn around and walk out the door. You wouldn’t eat dinner in

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links for 2008-02-26

Top 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You | LiveScience (tags: health food research science)

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links for 2008-02-14

Drop.io: Simple Private Exchange Drop.io enables you to create simple private exchange points called “drops.” (tags: freeware mp3 resource tools privacy filesharing) Symptoms: Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda – New York Times I’ve known this for awhile, and

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