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You can go into buildings on Google Street View?

I was looking up street names in London to update this page on funny British place names, and as I was playing on Street View, I found myself inside a London pub. Pop into this pub yourself, if you’d like.

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My ass can be seen from space

Stephanie and I were talking and she pointed out that Google had added the “street view” feature for the city of Indianapolis; this lets you look at city streets as though you’re standing on them, and you can do a

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Who Is Sick?

Who is Sick? is a Google map-based application where you can enter data detailing the symptoms of your illness, add it to a map of your location, and see who in your particular area is also sick. Kinda interesting, especially

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100+ Funny British Place Names

April 26, 2013 update from Steph: Updated this page to add links to as many of the towns and streets as I could find in google maps. I originally added this list to my site on September 26, 2005, but

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