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It’s All Because…. (The Gays are Getting Married)

(via Maxine Dangerous)

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Exclusion For Religious Schools Struck From Iowa Gay Bully Bill

Do they not realize, when they say these things, how bad it sounds? Like it’s your religion to beat up gay people? (Des Moines, Iowa) The Iowa Senate has passed legislation aimed at curbing bullying of LGBT students and other

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SJR-7 Will Eliminate Purdue’s Health Care Benefits

As Gary Welsh rightly points out in a must-read article on SJR-7 and Purdue University’s health care benefits, the infamous second paragraph of the proposed amendment will indeed eliminate health care benefits for unmarried partners that are currently used by

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A Letter to John Edwards on Marriage Equality

A letter posted on Pam’s House Bend is a great help in sorting out the marriage equality issue for fair-minded people, so I’m reprinting it here in full… Dear John Edwards, I have read about some comments you made recently

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IYG Wishlist

From their mission statement: Indiana Youth Group provides a safe place, a confidential environment, youth development programs and support services which foster personal strength and wellness among self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people. IYG advocates on their behalf

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