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This is a lucky young man

Ryland has some awesome parents.

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Androgyny: The Bem Sex-Role Inventory Test

Courtesy Wikipedia: The Bem Sex-Role Inventory was created by Sandra Bem in an effort to measure androgyny. It was published in 1974. Stereotypical masculine and feminine traits were found by surveying 100 Stanford undergraduate students on which traits they found

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Question Gender Essentialism

17-month-old Roy Jones brutally murdered for acting like a girl Strong trigger warning for graphic description of abuse and murder. 17-month-old infant assigned male at birth, Roy Antonio Jones III, was killed by his mother’s boyfriend for acting too much

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Gender Identity Things

A couple of posts down, I answered a meme wherein I mentioned that I “have some gender identity things I don’t talk about much.” To that post, one of my former co-workers added a comment. When I initially read it,

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Drag Kings

DC Drag Kings — Lucky Dog Productions – DK The Kings of the World – NYC The Kingz – Denver The Drag Kings of Club Casanova – NYC Madkats! – where Drag is King!

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