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Video from the Rally

Video of the Rally and Protest outside House Speaker Pat Bauer’s office. Updated with a better copy of the video… The young man you see in the foreground here on the left is the fellow that Mark St. John grabbed

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Domestic Partnership Benefits at Risk

In a neat bit of investigative work, Bil Browning discovered that SJR-7 author Brandt Hershman’s statements about the bill not affecting domestic partnership benefits for Purdue and Indiana University faculty members is not only false, but that he wrote the

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Rally Reminder

Please don’t forget there’s a rally tomorrow against SJR-7 at the statehouse — indoors, 1 – 2:30 p.m. in the North Atrium of the Indiana State House, 200 W. Washington St. (enter North Entrance, off Ohio Street). Candace Gingrich will

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Leviticus in My Spam Filter

I was going through a site migration checklist of things to remember when you move your site from one host to another, and one of the items was to remember to look at your comment spam filter keywords, to make

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Comparing the Indiana Legislature to the 20’s KKK is NOT Hyperbole

I’m sorry, RiShawn Biddle, but if you studied your history, like Chris Douglas and Gary Welsh have pointed out to you in several posts, you’d know better that to call it hyperbole. RiShawn is an editorialist for the Indianapolis Star,

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Angry Mob Attacks 3 Gay Men in Jamaica

According to the Jamaica Observer: THREE men branded as homosexuals were yesterday rescued by the police from an angry mob outside a pharmacy in Tropical Plaza, where they had been holed up for almost an hour. But even after the

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I Am The Very Model Of An Ex-Gay Individual

by Justin, of Gay as Justin points out on his site, “Ex-gay” people admit they have what they call ongoing “same gender attraction” (called SGA in the song) but claim they’re not actually gay. (Never mind that the definition

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Gay Man Beaten by Anti-Marriage Equality Protestor

Video of a gay man beaten in Boston at an Anti-Marriage Equality protest held by bigots. Mostly of the guy after he was beaten, but pretty disturbing. And of course, typical of hate-filled people like those who oppose equal marriage

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Ben Stein is fucking batshit crazy

Former Nixon speechwriter and Ferris Bueller actor Ben Stein weighs in on the Foley scandal in the American Spectator, illustrating that he’s not only homophobic as hell, but off his damned rocker. We have a Republican man in Congress who

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Recommended Reading

One of my very favorite sites is Good As You — it’s a website that keeps up with GLBT news and provides analysis and witty commentary on same. They keep track of what the religious right is saying about us

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Anti-Gay Threat Graffiti at Michigan University

Michigan Technological University had an anti-gay graffiti problem during it’s Pride Week recently. This sort of thing happens fairly often, and it’s easy to gloss over it for that reason… but when you see the language used in the graffiti

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Rabbi: Bird Flu Caused by Gays

Yet another natural disaster being blamed on us for no conceivable reason whatsoever: AN outbreak of deadly bird flu in Israel is God’s punishment for calls in election ads to legalise gay marriages, according to Rabbi David Basri, a prominent

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The Soulforce Equality Riders Arrested at Falwell’s “Liberty” University

I mentioned the planned Equality Rides a few weeks ago — modeled after the student “Freedom Riders” of the 1960s who travelled around to centers of intolerance and bigotry, these students are traveling to Universities and military institutions that ban

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Advance Indiana, Carson’s Challenger, and Ted Fleischaker

Julia Carson is facing a democratic challenger to her office — a gay man, Kris Kiser, with very little political experience. Much of the GLBT community supports Carson, who has been a friend of ours politically and gone to bat

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Laurel Hester Dies

Laurel Hester, the New Jersey woman who fought to get her pension awarded to her female partner died yesterday. She succeeded in making sure that her partner Stacie Andree was able to receive her money and keep their family home,

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Johnny Weir Dodges the Gay Question

Johnny’s flamboyant, but he’s not officially out… “I think it’s funny that people care,” Weir said before ultimately placing fourth. “I don’t have a problem with people saying anything. People could be saying, ‘Oh, let’s poll about Bode Miller. Let’s

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Costs $363.8 million

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon’s costs for firing service members for homosexuality under its “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy were nearly twice as high as a government estimate made last year, an independent commission said on Tuesday. A University of

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LGBTQ Youth Equality Ride Across the U.S.

During March and April The Soulforce Equality Ride will be visiting 19 religious and military schools to give voice to those who can not speak up themselves because of oppressive school policies. Many of these schools expell lgbtq students who

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Johnny Weir

Too funny: He has the face of Paul Rubens, the hair of Nick Nolte, and the fashion sense of a gay dolphin caught in a fishing net while reenacting a scene from Showgirls. What’s not to love about U.S. Olympic

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Photos of the Rally at the Statehouse

Marti has photos of yesterday’s Rally at the statehouse, from beginning to end. There’s apparently some question of the number of attendees. Fortunately, I know how to count, so I think we can solve the mystery.

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Dubuque, Iowa amends HRO to add sexual orientation

Cool. If I ever had to move back to Iowa to live closer to my extended family, I’d have a place to live in Dubuque.

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Anti-Gay Killer’s MySpace profile

Of course you’ve heard about the teenager Jacob Robida who went on a rampage at a gay bar in Massachusetts with an axe and a gun, and who was later killed in a police shootout. Checkout his myspace web page.

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The L-Word and Hot Sex (or lack thereof)

While we were watching this weeks episode of The L-Word, (episode 4, season 3) we noted that so far this year, there has been a distinct lack of hot sex such as existed in previous seasons. In the past, the

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NBC’s partisan double standard

Last week, NBC allowed Chris Matthews to say, on the air, that Osama bin Laden sounds like Michael Moore. This week, though, when Rachel Maddow made a much more apt comparison on Tucker Carlson’s show, saying: This is a global

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Chris Matthews is also a homophobe

Chris Matthews also had this to say about the movie Brokeback Mountain on the Don Imus radio show: MATTHEWS (1/18/06): Have you gone to see it yet? I’ve seen everything else but that. I just— IMUS: No, I haven’t seen

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