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“All Televisions Tuned to Fox News”

No wonder the Vice President is so out of touch with reality — check out his “tour rider” from the Smoking Gun — the list of demands he has of hotels when he travels. Item #6 – “All Televisions Tuned

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Top Ten Conservative Idiots (#113)

Courtesy Democratic Underground. In which Bill O’Reilly threatens to shoot Al Franken because Franken is smarter than he is and made him look bad at a book expo. Aw, poor Bill. Also, the Catholic church accuses gay people of hate

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Fox News Faux Pas

If you needed more evidence that Fox News isn’t exactly “news” and is more right-wing hysterical polemic: Fox news mistakes a parody site for a right-wing news site, has founder of parody site on show to comment on “real” news.

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Fox TV and Fake Moon Landings

I’ve always said there are a significant number of Americans that are dumber than a box of hammers. And now there’s more proof.

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