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Journalists vs. Pundits

I disagree with about 90% of what Meghan McCain believes in, but in general I think she’s a likable girl. I think part of that is because in the back of my head, I think she’s really a closeted liberal

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These losers are voting

And they hope you aren’t. Vote in this years’ election on November 2nd. For Marion County voters in Indiana, you can vote early – here’s the info: Clerk’s Office, 200 E. Washington St., W-122 Begins: Monday, October 4 Ends: Monday,

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TARP worked, the Stimulus worked

Rachel Maddow crunches the numbers – TARP worked, the stimulus worked, and Health Care is working. The economy is not out of the woods yet – we still need major turn-around on jobs, but we are WAY better than we

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Dan Coats bumper sticker

Just spotted a Dan Coats for Indiana sticker on minivan on College Ave. I thought the Republicans were really ignorant, but that’s just chillingly nihilistic. He’s such a terrible candidate for the state of Indiana that there’s no way to

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