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My political daily chuckle

I got a fun little email blast from the DCCC regarding the GOP “Back in the Kitchen” comments they made a few days about about Betty Sutton (I linked to a news story about it here): Ohio GOP: Put Her

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Yes we can

Yes We Can from Paul Lloyd on Vimeo.

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The Onion on Obama Victory

The Onion on Obama Victory: Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress Carrying a majority of the popular vote, Obama did especially well among women and young voters, who polls showed were particularly sensitive to the current climate of

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Mixed emotions

So many reasons to be happy, and yet… California and Prop 8 is still to close to call. And as the NY Times explains — “Ban-gay-marriage amendments were approved in Arizona and Florida, and gay rights forces suffered a loss

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Barack Obama is President of the United States

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This Fucking Election

This. Fucking. Election.

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These people are voting

You should too.

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Voted early

I don’t always vote straight party, but I did this time. I knew who all the down party people were for the most part, and the few I didn’t know I looked up before I went. The lines were quite

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Wassup 2008

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David Sedaris on Undecided Voters

From this week’s New Yorker: Then you’ll see this man or woman– someone, I always think, who looks very happy to be on TV. “Well, Charlie,” they say, “I’ve gone back and forth on the issues and whatnot, but I

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Ron Howard, Andy Griffith & Henry Winkler for Obama

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

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Chris Matthews skewers Palin

This is just too fun not to post.

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Message to McCain about Rape and Choice

I haven’t talked about it much in years, but when I was in college I was raped and became pregnant, and within a short period of time miscarried. The idea that I would be forced to carry a baby to

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CNN: Money Fact check: Plumber Joe’s taxes

According to CNN Money small business owners will not see an increase in taxes. McCain has entrepreneurs spooked about tax hikes, but fewer than 2% of small business owners would pay more under Obama’s plan. … Should small business owners

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The Debate in 90 Seconds

The few things that jumped out at me — John McCain does “air quotes” while talking about the health of the mother in emergency abortion situations — so apparently the health of the mother is irrelevant? Wow. So let me

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Best of the Worst: McCain Mobs Compiled

Brave New Films and Color of Change have compiled the “best of the worst” video footage of lynch mob-like crowds attending McCain/Palin rallies over the past several weeks, documenting the racism and violent threats. Color of Change is sending a

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More Racist McCain Supporters

Anyone who’s resisted the idea that there are racist McCain supporters out there won’t be able to get past this video. As Ta-nehisi Coates at the Atlantic points out — It’s not just disturbing that this guy is so obviously

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More than just the last couple weeks

Over the weekend, we got caught up on watching our saved Rachel Maddow shows — one thing that struck me was than when she interviewed Pat Buchanan, he keep going to the same talking point — “McCain is suffering in

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Even more crazy McCain crowds

I updated my post from earlier this morning with even more news of death threats issued to Obama during McCain rallies this week. (Threats of “off with his head” came out this morning reported by the Wall Street Journal.) Here

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The Dangerously Angry Crowds of McCain and Palin

In the past, politicians with honor would correct and shape the crowds who attended their rallies when they shouted things that were incorrect or unfair to their opponents. But in the past two weeks, McCain and Palin have been egging

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Who are you voting for?

This one right here.

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Transcript of Palin, Biden debate

I grabbed the transcript of the debate because I want to go back and read it later to go over Joe Biden’s answers. I spent a lot of time focusing on her, (mainly because of the bingo game we were

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Palin Debate Flowchart

Courtesy of With some choice words from Aden Nak: I’d like to do a bit of a run down. A list, if you will, of the things we’ve learned about Sarah Palin from her very limited, groomed, handled private

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What Palin reminded me of

Palin’s cutesy “You betchas” and folksy expressions were painful to watch. I thought Tina Fey’s “finger guns” were a bit over when I first saw her impression, but after watching the debate last night, they were dead on, and a

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Biden debates McCain because Palin didn’t show up

I’ll have more commentary in the morning, but that was my initial impression of the debate — Biden took on McCain on every single answer because Palin didn’t bother to actually answer any of the questions, and instead fell back

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