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Ohio Election Fraud

Um, yeah – a really interesting tidbit of information from Slashdot: goombah99 writes: “Netcraft is showing that an event happened in the Ohio 2004 election that is difficult to explain. The Secretary of State’s website, which handles election reporting, normally

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Sorry Everybody Photo Site

Wow… a new picture site, along the lines of Sorry Everybody, which apologized for the results of the 2004 election. This new site, called The FOR Iraq Photo Project hosts pictures of people sending messages to the Iraqi people. It’s

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Ohio paper notes voting machine mistake

According to the Beacon Journal: A computer error with a voting machine cartridge gave President Bush 3,893 extra votes in a Gahanna precinct. Franklin County’s unofficial results gave Bush 4,258 votes to Democratic challenger John Kerry’s 260 votes in Precinct

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Voter Fraud should be more important than Mary Cheney

Despite the fact that the allegations of voter fraud by the Republican party are exploding around the country, the media and the Republicans are still making the hot story Kerry’s mention of Mary Cheney. Dick Cheney and the Republican party

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Mary Cheney

Because Kerry once again won the debate last night, the only thing the Republicans have to hammer him on is his reference to Mary Cheney as being a lesbian. Apparently, they’re all wigging out about this, for some strange reason,

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