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Enron investigation

Okay, politics: We need a special investigator looking into Enron and examining the involvement of the current presidential administration in the company. War aside, this isn’t the kind of thing that can be overlooked. And the other thing we need

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reform the electoral process

Here is the only legitimate way to reform the electoral process: EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES NEEDS TO VOTE IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. I wasn’t a bit surprised when ol’ Dubya said “we have to respect the

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2000 Election rigged

It turns out that the 2000 Election WAS rigged by the Republicans. Jeb Bush purged 64,000 qualified minority voters from the Florida rolls to prevent them from voting Democrat in the election. If all the people who showed up to

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Bush Inaugural Theme Song

Author unknown, (to the tune of "What a Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke

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Two new verbs

Two new verbs: To Harris: To steal something, not for oneself, but on behalf of someone else in order to curry favor. To Scalia: To use unethical means to run down the clock on one’s opponent.

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