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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Jim Cramer Unedited Interview

Jon Stewart takes Jim Cramer to task for CNBC’s failure to cover the illegal and unethical behavior of banks and financial companies that created our current economic crisis. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

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How the world almost came to an end on Sept. 18th

How a run on Money Market accounts on September 18th almost collapsed the global economy – terrifying stuff that is just coming out now about what the Treasury and Congress were doing behind the scenes. Quoting from Zero Hedge: LiveLeak

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Rachel Maddow Must-See

If you didn’t catch Friday night’s Rachel Maddow show, take the time to watch it now. What she has to say on the Senate’s vote about the economic stimulus bill is critical.

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In the news

Scary bits in the news, all coming at once. Publisher O’Reilly lays off 14% of it’s staff – 30 of 222 employees. Indianapolis insurer Wellpoint lays off 600 people. Circuit City closes and liquidates remaining stores. Citigroup reports $8.29 billion

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Buy a book this weekend

Editorial Ass has some good advice for those in the book publishing industry. Since I’m one of those people, and I’m married to one, and most of my friends have something to do with publishing, I’m going to quote quite

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