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Pet Diaries

Courtesy our friend Veronica.

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Holy crap, that’s a cute dog! (lol version)

A couple weeks ago, I was reading articles on line about dog food for Spike, and one of them was on the petfinder.com site, where there was an ad for an adorably cute dog named Chip who needed a home.

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Holy Crap that’s a cute dog! (part 2)

My friend Brad found a home for Buddy, the black lab I blogged about earlier this week. Check out these puppies that need a home, though: Their rescuer says: PLEASE help find them homes – otherwise, it’s Animal Control- which

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Cute Black Lab

This adorable boy is Buddy, who is temporarily staying with my friend Brad. He needs a home, so visit Buddy’s website if you’re interested in adopting him.

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Melamine has been added to pet food for years

According to the New York Times. My first cat Idgie died of renal failure. Now I’m upset that maybe it didn’t have to happen. UPDATE: Scientists are figuring out how the melamine contaminate reacts with other ingredients to kill pets.

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