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Grass Armchair

A DIY Kit for growing a grass armchair in your yard. I really would love to try that. It’s a British website though, so I suspect the shipping would be cost prohibitive. So my sister should get it, and make

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Random Screen – a cool non-electric random light

Interesting… a moving light screen driven by candles and physics. This looks like a simple DIY project that has a really neat physics component. Fun.

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DIY Chess Figures

Site that tells how to build your own chess figures out of Nuts and Bolts. Quite a while back I saw a chess set in the background of a TV show that was a chess set made of different sizes

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Goth Embroidery (and pirates, and monkeys!)

Sublime Stitching‘s site says, “This ain’t you gramma’s embroidery!” And they’re quite right. With patterns for everything from tikis, sushi bars, goth patterns, mexican wrestlers, pirates and monkeys, they make a really boring craft into something fun and hip. Well,

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Makin’ Your Own Outhouse

In case you ever have an emergency situation, plans for building your own outhouse.

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