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The Debate in 90 Seconds

The few things that jumped out at me — John McCain does “air quotes” while talking about the health of the mother in emergency abortion situations — so apparently the health of the mother is irrelevant? Wow. So let me

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Transcript of Palin, Biden debate

I grabbed the transcript of the debate because I want to go back and read it later to go over Joe Biden’s answers. I spent a lot of time focusing on her, (mainly because of the bingo game we were

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What Palin reminded me of

Palin’s cutesy “You betchas” and folksy expressions were painful to watch. I thought Tina Fey’s “finger guns” were a bit over when I first saw her impression, but after watching the debate last night, they were dead on, and a

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Biden debates McCain because Palin didn’t show up

I’ll have more commentary in the morning, but that was my initial impression of the debate — Biden took on McCain on every single answer because Palin didn’t bother to actually answer any of the questions, and instead fell back

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links for 2008-03-31

How to Disagree For examples of how to disagree in ways that are completely wrong, please see all of my writing. I need to clean up my act completely. (tags: philosophy debate writing) || Dummy Text Generator | Lorem ipsum

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