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How I want to look at online media during terrible events

I think the latest Ask Amy video covers a some of my thoughts about how we view stuff online, and how to find better images to fill our minds and brains with. It’s hard not to seek out news stories

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Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011

From Buzzfeed, a collection of Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011. Powerful photos, but a grim picture of our world.

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Open Letter to that 53% Guy

Max Udargo on the Daily Kos delivers a great response to to the guy calling people whiners for not working 70 hours a week, and telling people to “suck it up” and stop blaming Wall Street. Read the whole response,

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Elena Kagan Confirmed as a Supreme

Sweet. The girls are thrilled; she’ll be joining them shortly.

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links for 2010-04-09

Introducing: The Snuggie for Geeks! | Bit Rebels Um… a… strange photos. yeah (tags: knitting funny technology) An Engagement Ring Is a Deposit on a Wife | Lindsay Beyerstein | Big Think Guys – if you cheat on your fiancee,

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Henry Louis Gates Jr. Arrested

I would like an apology from the police unions for acting like despicable douche bags. For those of you who may have tuned in late, Police in Cambridge, Massachusetts arrested Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., noted scholar, because he

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Virginia Tech Student Live Blogged the Tragedy

Bryce’s LiveJournal here.

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My friend and co-worker Chatree Campiranon is in Thailand right now visiting his parents, and he’s documenting in photos some of the current news there. He’s an an excellent amateur art photographer and his site is a very nice gallery

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Real people remember

Joe.My.God’s account of “That Day.” Ian William’s memories of 9/11: “no one wept except the willow” 3 Quarks Daily’s contributors all write about “Five Years Later.” I’m so glad to read personal accounts because that was what struck me about

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Local News and Online Reporting

WTHR has this story on their website: Study: Omega 3 can save lives Experts say beefing up intake of Omega 3 fatty acids can save lives more than AED’s and implanted defibrillators. Omega 3 is found in foods like fish

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