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Movable Type 4.2 upgrade recap

I’ve got my Movable Type software upgraded to 4.2 and replaced my old templates with default ones, which I’ve done some customizing on, with more to come. So far, so good. It’s MUCH faster – my faith is restored. For

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blog software update day(s?) – AKA ‘wreck stuff day’

A while back I put off upgrading my blog to Movable Type 4.2 because the upgrade would break the site, according to my webhost. Well, now I’m on a blogging vacation, and I’m ready to blow this puppy to smithereens.

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Movable Type 4.2 upgrade breaks current customer sites?

Gee, should I be surprised at this news? Here’s the email I received from my web host when I asked them to upgrade my to 4.2: Movable Type 4.2 is more strict than Movable Type 4.1 when it comes to

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Back end problems

Boy, do I have have them. No, I’m not talking about my butt here. (and you shouldn’t be, either!) I’m having some frustrating problems with Movable Type that my site hosts can’t seem to solve, and Movable Type doesn’t have

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links for 2008-01-10

Flickr: The LP portraits Pool (tags: flickr music portraits funny) EllisLab – Where Ideas Hatch! (tags: 2008 SXSW) EllisLab – Where Ideas Hatch! Ellis Labs is the company producing expression engine, the content management system that is getting lots of

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