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links for 2010-01-19

The Dirtiest Player: Profiles: GQ GQ story about former Colts player Marvin Harrison. (tags: sports football crime Colts) Thousand and One Words The photo blog of Ryan, the character from the Office. Yeah, it's pretty funny. (tags: photography funny office

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Colts raise $20,000 for Anti-Gay Group

This is being discussed in the comments on my post on Tony Dungy – but it bears pulling up to it’s own entry – at the Indiana Family Institute Dinner, the Colts sent merchandise to be donated off in an

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Jon Stewart on the Snickers Super Bowl Ad

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Snickers Superbowl Website Pulled?

UPDATE: Looks like they did indeed pull the site, at least as far as I can see. The URL now goes to the main snickers site instead. UPDATE: Americablog goes into the story in more depth, including pointing out that

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Tony Dungy to Speak For Anti-Gay Hate Group

This is really disturbing – Colts coach Tony Dungy will be speaking at a dinner for the Indiana Family Institute, which is a right-wing hate group whose primary purpose is to promote hatred towards gay people. Make no mistake about

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