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The Art of Travis Louie Cool creepy paintings. (tags: paintings artist surrealism) Chris Matthews is a racist douche Um, speaking like an “indian” isn’t cool, on TV or off, ass. (tags: media bigotry.) Jonah Goldberg’s Bizarro History | The American

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links for 2008-01-11

Subtraction: Word on The Wire One of the many folks who think The Wire is the best show on TV. Kohi Vinh is the Design Director of the New York Times, and writes here about why he loves the show.

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Chris Matthews suggests that gay people are burning churches

What the hell? Chris Matthews suggested that gay people are responsible for a series of church burnings that occurred last Thursday in Alabama. See the video of his suggestions (made with out any proof). MATTHEWS: Is there anything in the

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NBC’s partisan double standard

Last week, NBC allowed Chris Matthews to say, on the air, that Osama bin Laden sounds like Michael Moore. This week, though, when Rachel Maddow made a much more apt comparison on Tucker Carlson’s show, saying: This is a global

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Chris Matthews is also a homophobe

Chris Matthews also had this to say about the movie Brokeback Mountain on the Don Imus radio show: MATTHEWS (1/18/06): Have you gone to see it yet? I’ve seen everything else but that. I just— IMUS: No, I haven’t seen

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