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children’s treasure hunt book with clues in pig latin

I bought this framed page of a children’s book several years ago, and I’ve been trying to track down the book it came from without much luck. If you happen to recognize it, please let me know. I’d be really

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links for 2011-08-27

HTML for Babies gets a new generation up to speed on web standards | This is my next… Get your little web nerd started early. (tags: html childrenBooks)

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links for 2010-02-13

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series stars a small lady who lives in an "upside-down" house in a lively neighborhood inhabited mainly by children who have bad habits. (tags: books children stories) Figure Skating Video,

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Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

Wow. I have a million images in my head. I’m struck by how much it looks like the book – the colors, especially, are exactly like the color palettes in the book, and the hand drawn font evokes the like

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Favorite children’s book character?

This came out of a discussion at work — who’s your favorite children’s book character? Obviously, mine is Curious George, but there are lots on my list. Who is on yours? The Complete Adventures of Curious George: 70th Anniversary Edition

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