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Weekend Update, end of August 2012

This past week I attended An Event Apart, a major web design conference in Chicago, which was pretty awesome. I learned a lot of cool stuff especially about mobile-friendly design that I now need time to go over before I

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Navy Pier At Night

Navy Pier at night, from the John Hancock Observatory

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On the Mega Bus to Chicago

George and Ben Monster on the mega bus. Stephanie found a free trip deal from Mega Bus from Indianapolis to Chicago, and we’re going up to do some sightseeing.

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links for 2008-03-05

Forgotten Chicago (tags: chicago history urban retro) Schoolhouse Electric Co. Classic period light fixtures and vintage glass shades. Very, very cool, and very much in keeping with our house. (tags: lighting reproduction retro vintage architecture) Chicago World’s Fair | 1893

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Smart cars in Chicago

Test drove Smart cars in Lincoln park, ate dinner. Now headed to Joliet to meet caravan.

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