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Sean Connery Defends Hitting His Wife

Discovered in the comments of yesterday’s Shakespeare’s Sister’s Question of the Day, (What actor makes you refuse to see a film?) this video of Sean Connery defending hitting his wife: Wow. Epic fucking FAIL. Never seeing a Sean Connery movie

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20 Hotties for Thursday

I noted in my links a few days ago that the AfterEllen.com site has rated the “Hot 100 Women List” according to voting my their lesbian fans. This was in response to the crappy, misogynist list put together my Maxim

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One of Them Must Be Cher

This is one of those posts that might skirt very close to becoming Too Much Information, so I will try to stay as far this side of the line as I can. But there’s something that cracked me up that

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Pictures of celebrity women kissing

Pictures of celebrity women kissing. The server was down when I checked it, but let me bookmark it here to check back later. 2012 Update: Yep, the site is there. Needs updating, but it’s there. In other news — a

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Brushes With Fame

We’ve been having an e-mail discussion of brushes with fame this morning, so here’s mine: 1. I interviewed Chastity Bono for a newsletter. 2. I know Dick Wolfsie, the local news channel 8 morning guy who did a report on

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