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Mean Things I’ve Said about the Catholic Church

I’m apparently not nearly as inflammatory as I thought, or perhaps I’m just remembering stuff I’ve said out loud, and not things I’ve blogged. Here’s the scrawny, short list of times I’ve blogged about the Church I grew up in

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The Catholic Church Has a New Policy on Gay People

This happened earlier in the week, but I haven’t had time to address it before now. If you know me, you know I grew up Catholic and have had somethings to say in the past about the Catholic Church and

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Catholic Church moves to ban gay priests

The Pope is considering banning gay men from becoming priests and removing priests who are gay from service. Interesting on so many levels, really. My thoughts: I wonder when they’re going to remove all the lesbian nuns. The pedophile scandals

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Catholics refuse communion to people who support gays

According to an AP story, A priest in St. Paul, Minnesota denied communion to more than 100 parisioners on Sunday because they wore rainbow color sashes in support of gay and lesbian Catholics. A Roman Catholic priest denied communion to

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The Pope

I pray that God bless and care for the Pope and ease his suffering, and forgive him for persecuting gay people. Pope John Paul II in Failing Health

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