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links for 2010-04-16

Hark, a vagrant: Tesla vs. Edison & Marconi Poor Tesla. Always getting kicked when he's down. (tags: comics science tesla edison marconi) Emo: Where the Girls Aren't by Jessica Hopper Awesome discussion of sexism in Emo music, and how women's

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links for 2010-04-15

LOST Artwork « Mattson Creative Really beautiful poster designs. (tags: retro lost poster graphicdesign illustration television) Hyperbole and a Half this is a cute blog with many cute illustrations. You will probably like it. Take a look! (tags: illustration funny

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links for 2008-02-29

garfield minus garfield When you remove the cat from the cartoon, Jon’s behavior becomes a study of mental illness. (tags: funny cartoons)

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Our house, pretty much every night

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XKCD Comic

I’ve visited the XKCD comic’s website before in passing, but I stumbled across it again today, and read more of it; it’s great.

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