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How to Get Married in Toronto, ON

Wil asked how we went about setting up our marriage in Toronto, and I realized I never really blogged about that in the rush of planning everything. It was a very simple process, in two parts — applying for the

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Back home again in Indiana

We spent the last couple of days in Toronto doing some low-key stuff. I was pretty tired after doing so much walking around every day all day. We did do some shopping in the Church-Wellsley area (the gayborhood) and we

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Shoe Museum and Honest Eds

Saturday, Stephanie and I hopped on the Subway and went West on Bloor to see the Shoe Museum. Yes, a whole museum just dedicated to the history of footwear. It was fun, but I wish there were some exhibits on

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Niagara Falls, China Town & Kensington Market

Thursday we drove to Niagara Falls to site-see, which was fun. I really had a much different picture in my head of what the falls were like, most from the show “Wonderfalls” which I want to see again now that

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Photos from Wednesday in Toronto

See the whole photo set from Day 3 of our Honeymoon in Toronto. Photo Collection: Wedding and Honeymoon Photos Steve and Harold, our witnesses (and we were theirs, too!) Us with our wedding certificate. Surprise Moose Appearance!

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