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Buffy Vs. Edward – Pop-up Video style

Rebellious Pixels produces this cool video mash-up remix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Edward from the Twilight series, highlighting how creepy and stalker-like inappropriate Edward’s behavior is during Twilight, and how Buffy would have handled the behavior in a

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Cool TV

a home run

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Buffy Quotes

A big fat list I had stashed somewhere on my hard drive, that I just recently unearthed. Heh. It’s not comprehensive; it’s missing the last few years of the show. “Anchovies, anchovies you’re so delicious. I love you more than

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Pictures of celebrity women kissing

Pictures of celebrity women kissing. The server was down when I checked it, but let me bookmark it here to check back later. 2012 Update: Yep, the site is there. Needs updating, but it’s there. In other news — a

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Top Willow/Tara euphemisms for Sex

I found this, and must repeat it on my site: TOP *THIRTEEN* WILLOW/TARA EUPHEMISMS FOR SEX 13. Searching the Nether Realms 12. Practicing Dianic rituals 11. Not driving stick 10. Working as a “single delicate implement” 9. Dripping wax on

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