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John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – a book review

It isn’t kosher to talk about the book before book club; in fact that is the first and second rules of book club. But I am a few pages away from the end of this book, and it’s not exactly

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Some Thoughts on “Gang Leader for a Day”

Again cleaning out some old notes and writing, I came across some thoughts I had about the book “Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets” and the subsequent discussion we had about it in book

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Reading in Cambridgeshire

Sometime last year I managed to lose track of my reading list. I started to keep better track in January of this year, but I never managed to keep the list updated. So after 14 years of tracking every book

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Books I’ve Read Recently – July 2009 updated

I’ve finished two of my Project Fill-in-the-gaps books – The Book Thief and Motherless Brooklyn, and filled in with some paperback mysteries and fun stuff. Right now I’m slogging through some titles for work, and enjoying the guilty pleasure of

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Books I’ve Read – April, 2009

Larry Burrows: Vietnam by Larry Burrows A classic, iconographic photography book. Burrows was a Life Magazine photographer covering the Vietnam war, and his images shot over 9 years helped shape the American public’s understanding and opinions about it. He was

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