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Diane Arbus

I picked up Diane Arbus: A Biography at the library without really having an idea who she was. It happened to be on a kiosk of other photography books that the Nora branch was featuring, and I thought – “hey

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Childhood Memories

Passed along from my friend Matt. Typically I add these to the big fat list I’ve compiled of quizzes about me, but right now I don’t have time to merge the two. I should also link a bunch of the

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To learn about the Anagram Genius software, visit http://www.genius2000.com/ag.html

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Steph Mineart

Stephanie Ann Mineart commonplacebook.com Indianapolis , Indiana USA AIM YIM This hCard created with the hCard creator. If you need to contact me, that information is here. I’m a Web designer/developer at a media/publishing company in Indianapolis, Indiana where I’ve

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