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The Coolest Roadside Attractions In Every State

Via Buzzfeed – The Coolest Roadside Attractions In Every State. I need to update my ‘big things’ photos and Stephanie and I are up for a summer roadtrip, so – let’s go.

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Big Things – Las Vegas’ Wheel of Misfortune

Via – My Modern Metropolis: Las Vegas’ Wheel of Misfortune. Street artist Aware decided to take a “glass half empty” approach and humorously created a giant non-spinning Wheel of Misfortune at an old magnesium plant – appropriately located in Las

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Coolest roadside attractions

Courtesy of guyism.com, Coolest roadside attractions | Cadillac Ranch | Largest ball of twine: 10. Martini Drinking Elephant – Fortville, Indiana 9. Bigfoot Discovery Museum – Felton, California 8. Jimmy Carter Peanut – Plains, Georgia 7. 7 POPS Diner –

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Damn, where’d all my free time go?

I’m sitting here making out our “To Do” list for this weekend, which includes: Putting together new treadmill discarding non-functioning television putting loads of stuff on ebay or craigslist. taking all the recycling to the recycling center laundry, laundry &

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Giant Corms, Dublin, OH

Giant Corn in Dublin, Ohio. The field of corn is a tribute to a pioneering hybrid corn researcher.

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