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Our Bedroom is Half Painted – A Contractor Review

Yep, we’ve had a fun day around Casa De Stephs. Our roofing contractor’s employees threw a fit and left, leaving our bedroom half-painted. Why is our roofer painting our bedroom? It’s a long story. But don’t worry, there are pictures. Remember back in October, when I wrote about the Worst. Roofers. Ever. ? Because we

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Middle of the Night Guest: Our Roofer

As Stephanie noted on her blog – we got to have our roofer come over and visit our bedroom in the middle of the night last night. His team removed some of the gutters that they’re rebuilding from the front of the house above our room and the guest room, and water was pouring in

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Worst. Roofers. Ever.

Our roofer was supposed to work on three projects: 1) Reshingling the roof. 2) Rebuilding the historic, built-in gutters and replacing rotted wood trim. 3) Redecking the balcony and repairing the roof under it to stop the water leaking into the kitchen. Project 1: We contracted with them for project one in mid-June, and their

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