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365 unclutter – item 11

This is a patio bar that I used as a sideboard in my old house. I should have offloaded it when we moved in, but I didn’t figure that out at the time. It currently stores the china that needs

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365 unclutter – item 10

This shelving unit in our dining room needs to go. There are a few tools on it that we need upstairs, but most can go in the basement. In the place of this shelf, we need to put the china

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365 unclutter – item 3

Picked up this Olympus film camera for the lenses to use with my DSLR. Turns out this is the only old Oly the isn’t compatible with my camera, even with adapters. I did cannibalize the flash and lens caps that

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365 unclutter – item 2

Item 2 – old bowling shoes that don’t fit well. I don’t go bowling more than once a year, and when I do, I forget to take the shoes and rent anyway.

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365 unclutter – item 1

Item number 1 – an old jacket I never wear because the pockets are too shallow and my keys fall out. New home – Goodwill. Entering the “A Thing a Day Challenge” at Unclutterer.

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