Me vs. Squirrels: The Battle Royale

The squirrels used to just be my dog’s nemeses – and I got a huge kick out of watching their skirmishes in the yard. But lately the squirrels decided to take it up a notch. Not content with the corn cobs I was giving them, they decided they need to get into the birdfood, too.
Curse you, Squirrels!
Curse you, Squirrels!
One of my neighbors was telling me she came by one day, and there were three squirrels – one inside the container, throwing food out to the other ones. Later that day, one of the squirrels was in the plastic food bag, peeking his head out. Comic, sure. Adorable, yes. But I had to clean up the mess every evening, and the dog barked at the porch all day long.

I had to do something about it!

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One comment on “Me vs. Squirrels: The Battle Royale
  1. Maxine Dangerous says:

    “…waiting for God to drop him another squirrel” is the best thing I’ve read all day long. Wunderbar!

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