busy weekends

I like busy weekends where I don’t have to much stuff I’m obligated to do, but lots of stuff I can do. I went out to see Crackhead Patty Friday night at Utopia. Probably an experience I won’t repeat. Then Saturday I stained my endtable, went shopping with Dan and Doug, and went to David and Garrett’s wedding; pictures coming soon. Sunday I stained my end table again, then went to Dan and Doug’s house to help move (but I was probably in the way more than I was helpful). I’m so excited that they are going to live right near me. Cool. They’re officially living in the house now. Then I went to the Le Tigre concert at Festivilla. Pictures by Mykal (and some by me). There were *lots* of cute women there. Lots. Cute.

Photos from David and Garrett’s Wedding:

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