No Change!

The message on the answering machine from my cardiologist says that there’s no change in my heart and everything is fine. Yay! I’m apparently a paranoid lunatic for worrying about it. But I’m a healthy paranoid lunatic, and that’s what matters. That’s quite a relief.

4 comments on “No Change!
  1. lisa says:

    yay, i’m glad!

  2. That’s good to hear. We used to get really worked up when my mom had CT scans because the radiology report would always state that there were abnormalities or new growth in her lungs. After a few times of making ourselves crazy, we learned that the oncologists had more experience at picking out new growth than the radiologists. So now I don’t even bother to look at the reports when we pick up the CD.

  3. You’re not a lunatic. Doctors can scare the crap out of you for no reason. I got checked out for migraines once and was told, as the doctor checked my head, that he was making sure I didn’t have a brain tumor. He was going to ‘let me know on Monday’ how everything was. As my appointment was on a Friday morning, I’d venture a guess and say that was the scariest weekend of my life. Buttheads. 🙂

  4. Tami Putney says:

    I’m happy for you Steph!

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