a Wikipedia entry via Kotte.org:
Aptronym, a word allegedly coined by United States newspaper columnist Franklin P. Adams, refers to a name that is aptly suited to its owner. Fictional examples of aptronyms include Mr. Talkative and Mr. Worldly Wiseman in John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.
One of my new cardiologists (who is taking over for Dr. Yee) is named Dr. Valentine.

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2 comments on “Aptronym
  1. kay says:

    Seriously…I once saw a urologist named Dr. Dick! Hopefully, your visits with Dr. Sweetheart bring to mind a more pleasant caricature.

  2. Jen Bortel says:

    More on the doctor front: I had a gynecologist named Dr. Long (which was funnier at the time for some reason) and another named Dr. Kilmore. Dr. Kilmore was an opthamologist so it’s unlikely that he actually killed anyone at all.

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