Lady Sybil Crawley

My latest TV crush: Lady Sybil, the third daughter of Lord and Lady Crawley on the BBC Mini-series Downton Abbey. Played by actress Jessica Brown-Findlay. The story is set in a huge country manor house in the years just before World War I, and Lady Sybil is the firebrand youngest child; a suffragist, feminist and liberal. She champions housemaid Gwen’s desire to become a secretary to get away from doing house work and make a real living. And Sybil is stylish as well as daring – ordering herself a fashionable new frock with harem pants (although they didn’t exactly call them that).

Lady Sybil
Lady Sybil

Lady Sybil in Harem Pants
Lady Sybil in “Harem Pants.” These were scandalous in 1913. I think they’re cute as fluffy bunnies today.

Lady Sybil mentoring Gwen
Lady Sybil mentoring Gwen

Lady Sybil at the political rally
Lady Sybil at a (forbidden by her father) political rally

Lady Sybil and her sisters
Lady Sybil and her sisters

Smart, gorgeous political women are sooooo hot.

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One comment on “Lady Sybil Crawley
  1. Felicity says:

    I’ve got such a lady crush on her too!!! I don’t understand why everyone isn’t obsessed with her – I am!! And I really unrealistically don’t want her to have a relationship with a man, just cause I’ll be jealous!!!

    Wish her character was gay; at least bi! But I know that’s asking too much.

    She’s such a darling. And her face reminds me so much of Ellen Popplewell from the Chronicles of Narnia – I think they look very similar. I can’t help thinking of it every time that I see her. Thoughts?

    Glad I’ve finally found someone on the planet that appreciates the lovely Lady Sybil too! 🙂

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