Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sunken Treasure and Ships

Now that I’ve finished my book club selections months early, my next reading endeavor is going to be “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sunken Treasure and Ships.” Why? Because I won the book at work last year, but they were out of print, and they finally tracked down a copy and gave it to me. It’s a fun book, and I like treasure books. So that’s my next completely frivolous read.
For those of you who may not know this already, my company publishes The Idiot’s Guides series, along with lots of more serious text books and computer science books.

3 comments on “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sunken Treasure and Ships
  1. donna medeiros says:

    my brother worked with mel fisher in the early 80’s. my brother passed away in 1996. from his possessions, i have a bell that i don’t know for sure if it is the orginal bell from the sunken ship henrietta marie. if anyone could email me information on who i need to contact i would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Michael Stone says:

    Donna Medeiros: If you will e-mail with your e-mail I will help you with the bell. Michael

  3. Michael Stone says:

    Donna: Mine is

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