Super Bowl Sunday

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What do you call 53 guys sitting around today watching the Super Bowl?
The New England Patriots.
Indianapolis Colts
The Chicago Bears took the field for their first Super Bowl practice in Miami. Not long after the practice started a Bear offensive player noticed a white, powdery substance on the field. Practice was immediately stopped and experts were called in to examine the substance. With recent scares about anthrax, officials worried that terrorists had somehow gained access to the field. A group of nervous Chicago players stood and watched as the substance was examined. Finally the tests were completed and the experts revealed that the powder was just the chalk dust from the goal line. It was an understandable mistake considering the Bears’ offense seldom got near that area of the field.

  1. GurnB

    I like the comment/idea that JMV had on 1260AM on the drive home last night.
    Since the COlts Won the Super Bowl, they get to open the 2007 Season at home on a nationally televised Thursday night game. Wouldn’t it be great to play N.E. that night so they can watch the Championship Banner being hung in the Dome, and the Colts getting their Rings!


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