The Old Rooster

Author Unknown

One day an old rooster who was the king of the hen house is approached by a young strong rooster who says, "You have been king of this hen house for a long time. It is time for me to step in and take over so I am calling you out. If I can take you in a fight, then I will become king of the roost."

The old rooster replies, "I know I have gotten old and you can probably knock my block off. I really don’t want to fight you. I am willing to step down from my position but I want to do it with dignity. Let’s have a race. We will race around the hen house three times. If you let me lead the first two laps, I will feel like I have had my final moment of glory and will step down as king of the hen house. You can pass me at the beginning of the third lap, win the race, and step in as the new king of the roost."

The young rooster agrees and the race begins. The old rooster is getting pretty tired by the end of the second lap and the young rooster starts to close in to make the pass and lead the final lap.

Just then, there is a series of shoot gun blasts from the farm house. The young rooster is blown away and sent spinning across the barn yard. Over on the farm house porch, the farmer puts down his shotgun, turns to his wife and says, "Damn it Mildred, that is the third gay rooster we have had this week!!"

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