Dr. Seuss on the Clinton Scandal

Author Unknown

Mr Starr –
Starr I are. I’m here to ask,
as you’ll soon see..
Did you grope Miss Lewinsky?
Did you grope her in your house?
Did you grope beneath her blouse?

Mr Clinton –
I did not do that here or there…
I did not do that anywhere!
I did not do that near or far…
I did not do that Starr you are!

Mr Starr –
Did you smile? Did you Flirt?
Did you peek beneath her skirt?
And did you tell the girl to lie
when called upon to testify?

I do not like you Starr you are…
I think that you have gone too far!
I will not answer any more…
Perhaps I will go start a war!
The public’s easy to distract…
when bombs are falling on Iraq!

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