Voted early

Voted early

I don’t always vote straight party, but I did this time. I knew who all the down party people were for the most part, and the few I didn’t know I looked up before I went. The lines were quite long, but the moved very quickly in the city-county building. Very much worth it to avoid longer lines on Election day, especially when rushed to go to work.

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2 comments on “Voted early
  1. Bil Browning says:

    How long was your wait in line? What day did you vote and about what time? I want to vote early, but I saw there was a 3 hour wait there too a day or so ago. Ugh.

  2. Steph says:

    I voted at the city-county building this afternoon. The line was loooooooong but moved really quickly; we were through in about half an hour at most.

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