I voted

First time I’ve voted in the new neighborhood – at the Old Centrum church on 12th and Central. It’s a bit easier to get into and park than the firestation I used to vote at.
Jon Elrod was there, as well as one of Mahern’s nephews, handing out campaign literature. I forgot to wear my Democrats baseball cap today.
Oh, and I should report that I had not trouble voting even though I didn’t update my address on my driver’s license. The poll workers did note that it didn’t matter that my address was different — all that was needed was my picture and name.
Looks like others around the country are not having such luck, however, as compiled by Shakespeare’s Sister…
I Voted!!

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2 comments on “I voted
  1. Tami says:

    Here in Crystal Lake Township we vote in a township hall from the late 1800’s and still use the good old, “ancient,” but reliable, voting machines. Go Democrats!!!

  2. We got Ed’s brother and Jon’s mother where we voted. The machines were down, so I’m pretty sure our votes didn’t get counted.

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