Monkey Cuckoo

I’ve been looking around for an inexpensive Cuckoo clock for a while — and Rich just sent me a link to this one that has a monkey that peeks out of the door. Hee hee. Sadly, I don’t really have an extra $50.00 to spend on him.

2 comments on “Monkey Cuckoo
  1. Scott says:

    If you ever want a cheesy road trip… go to Frankenmuth, Michigan. It’s about an hour north of Detriot and not only does it have the world’s largest Christmas store and possibly the world’s biggest fried chicken dinner, there’s a German village which has a WHOLE STORE devoted to cuckoo clocks. That’s where Jay and I got ours (we really do have one).

  2. bilerico says:

    That has to be the cutest damn “cukoo” clock I’ve ever seen. As cheesy as it is, I’d love to have that little monkey in my living room. *grins*

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