Monkey Chow

This guy is going on a diet of Monkey Chow — eating only primate food. I didn’t know they made the stuff.

Maybe I’ll lose weight. Maybe I’ll gain superhuman monkey strength. Maybe I’ll go crazy. Maybe it’s too late. Check back here every day to follow along with the Monkey Chow Diaries. Comments, criticisms, questions and advice can be left on the blog.
I’m tired of cooking. I hate scrubbing pots and pans. I’ve wasted too much time in the checkout line. It’s time to eat chow.

hee. Cool. I love his logo of a monkey flipping the bird.

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2 comments on “Monkey Chow
  1. Wyatt says:

    “Health Facts and Fears” has a great new post on the Monkey Chow Diet: “The Ultimate Convenience Diet: Monkey Chow”
    Check it out!

  2. jeff stier says:

    Grist for the nutrition mill:

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