looting: a primer

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This is not looting:

This is looting:

This picture from Monday:

This picture from Monday Tuesday:

  1. Wil

    I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for over a year now, so I thought I would share some thoughts with you.
    First, that pic of Bush playing the guitar reminds me of pictures of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt. I wish I was an editorial cartoonist.
    Second, I wonder if we could bring the entire Bush Administration up on treason charges. One aspect of treason is aiding the enemy. Certainly the images of the fiasco after Katrina that have been beamed around the world have given comfort to our enemies. They show how ill-prepared we are, despite the reassurances and billions spent since 9/11.
    Third, who do you think will get aid and tax breaks first – the people and small businesses along the gulf coast, or the oil companies?
    Just some thoughts.

  2. Jay

    And don’t forget the tax breaks for the casino interests, too. People may laud them for the jobs, but they are low paying service jobs that provide a service that preys on the poverty of their neighbors. I’ve been in many Mississippi casinos, and they all have signs about betting your paycheck, and winning your next rent check. It’s appalling.
    I agree about the treason charges: Bush read a children’s picture book while our biggest city was being bombed, and played a “fiddle” while the Gulf Coast drowned. He’s clearly insane.


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