Overachieving Kids in Indianapolis

This is deeply scary article — 10 kids in Indianapolis under the age of ten who are over-achievers. One of them actually uses the phrase “extrapolate outward” in a sentence.
I wonder how many of these kids will be shooting up the hallways of their high school, or getting their California Ranch raided a few decades from now?
UPDATE – When I got to the entry on Connor Quinn I started to wonder if this was an April Fool’s article. I’m still not sure.

3 comments on “Overachieving Kids in Indianapolis
  1. Kevin says:

    It is satire. Steve Hammer admitted it on the Nuvo message board.

  2. Anonymous says:

    has to be a joke.
    Kyle has already become well-known at his charter school, Deliver Us From Evil Heights

  3. Steph Mineart says:

    Yeah, Connor Quinn made me suspicious, but the “Deliver Us From Evil” Heights confirmed it for me, too. I know we’re in the bible belt, but that’s not possible.

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