Old Photos of Indianapolis, and my neighborhood

Alabama Street street scene, Morton Place, 1906 (Bass #7350)

Residence of Robert Elliot This is Mary Byrne’s house! I lived on the third floor of the house. I didn’t realize that the house used to be more ornate on the front.

1941 North Pennsylvania Street Photo

The Indiana State Fairgrounds, when they were located in my neighborhood on 19th Street.

“Soon after the beginning of the Civil War, Indianapolis’s new state fairgrounds were converted to a military training camp. It was named Camp Morton after then governor of Indiana, Oliver P. Morton. The 36 acre area was located between what are now 19th and 22nd Streets, and between Central Avenue and Talbott Street. Early in 1862, facilities were needed to house Confederate prisoners of war. After the Union victory at Fort Donelson in February of that year, approximately 4,000 Confederate prisoners arrived at Camp Morton. From then on, the camp was a prison. After the war, the camp reverted to its previous role as the state fairgrounds.”

Entrance to Camp Morton

I thought the Camp was south of 19th street in our neighborhood, not north of it. So my back yard was part of the camp.

J. J. Langon House, 2020 North Alabama Street, circa 1905 (Bass #3353)

Frank Sullivan House, 2233 Central Avenue, 1908 (Bass #14378)

Miss E. Stevenson House, 22nd and Delaware, circa 1908 (Bass #14409)

Albert Johnson House, 1621-1623 Central, circa 1908 (Bass #14393)

House at 16th and Delaware, 1905 (Bass #4365) This house is still there, but the front half of it was chopped off to widen 16th street, and there’s a huge billboard on the side of it.

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    do you have photos of maxwell 46154 want to see the grainery changes old to2013

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