Hey, I got called the D-Word

No, no, not “difficult.” The other D-Word. The one that’s the equivalent of the N-word. You know… the one that if you had the balls to say it to my face, you’d be riding to the hospital in an ambulance. Yeah. THAT D-word.
And who busted out this lovely phrase? Only our Indianapolis’ Finest — our esteemed law enforcement officers at IndyUndercover.
Gee, I wonder why homicides are at a record high, petty theft is up 50% and we’ve got a major drug war on our hands? Could it be because our police force are sitting at home with their penises in one hand, typing furiously at the computer with the other, trying to intimidate Indy residents out of speaking their minds, and at the same time libeling every elected official in city goverment? I feel so safe with these guys “serving” and “protecting” me.
Okay, really, I do realize that IndyUndercover isn’t actually law enforcement — it’s a right wing hit site set up to try to influence the local elections (witness the date it was set up, the topics of conversation). Still, you’d think that actual law enforcement would be offended that these fakers and propagandists are out there defaming their name.
Bite Me!

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2 comments on “Hey, I got called the D-Word
  1. Marti says:

    i think i’m being dense…but what D word?
    I couldn’t read through all those comments… too many idiots.

  2. Steph Mineart says:

    Oh, Marti. I’ll e-mail you.

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