University of Wisconsin’s Loss of Domestic Partner Benefits Loses Faculty

I linked to this story earlier, but the story bears more attention, and I’ve found some addition links with more information. The state of Wisconsin is pursuing a same sex-marriage ban and is refusing to provide domestic partner benefits, and as a result the nation’s leading researcher in nanotechnology, Robert Carpick, left the University of Wisconsin-Madison to go to the University of Pennsylvania – and he took the grant money for nanotechnology with him, basically killing UWM’s entire program.
Journal Sentinel: Researcher, grants leaving UW for lack of partner benefits
Wisconsin State Journal: Let state insure domestic partners

DOMESTIC PARTNER BENEFITS; Out of step, uncompetitive

This is essentially what will happen here in Indiana as well – to be competitive, universities need to attract the best and the brightest, and taking away these benefits will foster an air of intolerance that will keep them far away from Indiana.

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