PARODY of the "Citizens Concerned for the Constitution" Logo

The Indiana right-wing anti-gay group "Citizens Concerned for the Constitution" [now known as Advance America] used to have this nazi-esque Art Deco logo, which I grabbed and and used to create this PARODY logo, making the macho man in the middle into a gay guy, and adding a nice well-muscled woman into the group for balance.

I’m making my PARODY version of the logo available free for download and use for the gay community, because Advance America is promoting numerous anti-gay, bigoted bills in the Indiana State Legislature right now.

If you need these files in other sizes or formats, or if you want me to design a poster using these graphics, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to customize the image.

6" x 10" EPS format (should be scalable) zipped [ file zipped ]

6" x 10" Photoshop file 400 DPI, zipped [ 1.6 MB .psd file zipped ]

6" x 10" PDF file [ 1.1 MB PDF file ]

14" x 22" PDF file [ 2.6mb PDF file ]

my parody version of the logo

Original Logo

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